With AirDroid you can manage Android functions like sending SMS, managing files, and viewing contacts from a Windows computer. The size of a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, may frequently make it uncomfortable to manage the various pieces of information we store on it. There is the option to turn to programs like AirDroid, which allows Windows users to manage all of an Android’s data, to do so more comfortably and with access to more options.

 Description of AirDroid


You may wirelessly access and manage your phone using Windows, MacOS, or the internet using AirDroid Personal. You can effortlessly transfer and manage files between devices and computers using AirDroid. Your devices can also be controlled remotely. Additionally, you may call and make calls from your computer, send and receive messages, and receive notifications, so you won’t ever miss an essential communication while working. All tasks can be completed with a single AirDroid app.

With the aid of AirDroid, you may wirelessly access and control your Android device from the desktop of your computer. You may use this to quickly transfer files, examine your call list, read and replay SMS messages, and more! To enable the connection, you must install AirDroid on both your PC and Android device. On both AirDroid apps, you must sign in with your email address and password. With AirMirror, a function provided by AirDroid, you may run apps and respond to messages on your computer in addition to controlling your Android device remotely. It can also deliver notifications to your desktop.

 Latest Download AirDroid Premium Unlock Complete Setup

With AirDroid, texting, file sharing, and remote device management are all simple. Here are some of AirDroid’s most significant features and answers to frequently asked questions. This tool enables file sharing, remote device control, reading and responding to desktop messages, and more. Get free Mountain Duck. You can receive and reply to text messages, emails, and app notifications (such as those from WhatsApp, Kik, Line, etc.) directly on your computer by using the desktop notification feature. Fortunately, AirDroid is one such enterprise-grade MDM solution that is designed to help businesses manage their Android device fleets effectively and securely so they can focus on growing their business.

supports remote control and Android screen mirroring

You can view the contents of your Android phone on a larger monitor by using the utility to screen mirror your phone. So, you can either check your notification to make sure everything is well or handle your phone directly from the computer in real-time. You may remotely control your device using the app without needing to root it.

All things considered, AirDroid Personal is a program that offers a dependable means of managing and moving information between hardware and operating systems. The program is not only a quick file organizer, but it is also practical because you can do most tasks from your Android mobile.

Key Features:

  • to access the contacts list.
  • Send SMS.
  • distributing images.
  • receiving notifications in the workspace.
  • Sending files.
  • making carpets.
  • gaining access to historical call and message records.
  • making security copies.
  • With the AirMirror feature, we can project the device’s screen onto the computer and interact with the mouse.
  • access to the camera.
  • management of archives.

 Operating systems:

  • You must install the sister application on your smartphone after installing the main program on your device.
  • You are advised to create an account and sign in at the same time because failing to do so would subject you to several restrictions, including network and Android device functionality constraints.

How to install it?

  • Start downloading data after obtaining WinRAR, a password-protected archive extractor.
  • Once the configuration is finished, shut down the application.
  • Just copy and paste the AirDroid For PC into the AirDroid APK installation directory.
  • Finally, start the software.

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