Thunderbird 115.3.1

Thunderbird 115.3.1 is an electronic mail client that enables managing multiple accounts. Utilize all of Thunderbird’s features by giving it a free trial. Management of several electronic mail accounts, support for numerous protocols, ability to use various user profiles, each with associated accounts, copies of the privacy policies for the profiles, etc. All of this and more is possible with Thunderbird.

Description of Thunderbird 115.3.1

Thunderbird 115.3.1

An email program with many features is called Thunderbird. With the greatest implementations in the industry of features like sophisticated spam filters, a built-in spell checker, extension support, and much more, Thunderbird makes emailing safer, quicker, and easier than ever before. You are protected by Thunderbird against the increasingly prevalent email scams that attempt to trick you into disclosing your passwords and other sensitive information. When Thunderbird suspects a communication may be a fraud, it will alert you.

After a little training, Thunderbird’s powerful and seamlessly integrated Bayesian spam filter successfully filters out the majority of bogus mail. Combine these two Thunderbird features. You receive a useful function that automatically sanitizes (perhaps hazardous) HTML code and disables external pictures for spam or anything else you identify as improper mail, such as worms or viruses. A scam sensor, while imperfect, recognizes tricks frequently employed to trick users.

Key Features:

  • management of many email accounts.
  • More advanced visualization of the carpets and tagging of the messages.
  • There are two ways to look for messages: advanced search or quick search.
  • Navigation through the history of messages.
  • the use of RSS to access news services.
  • Support for POP, IMAP, or web-based accounts.
  • Possibility of creating various user profiles.
  • creation of secure backup copies of the files.
  • Protection from fraud.
  • Modification of appearance through the use of themes.
  • Possibility of adding new functionality by the addition of complements.


  • Thunderbird’s primary purpose is as an email client, and as a result, it excels in this area.
  • Here are all the features you’ve come to know and expect:
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange servers, HTML support, effective spam filters, numerous identities, superb and powerful online mail, POP, and IMAP.
  • Thunderbird, on the other hand, is security conscious and has a ton of safeguards to guarantee that your data is always protected.
  • The security tools used by Mozilla’s email client include digital signing, S/MIME, message encryption, and a built-in phishing detector.
  • Additionally, you may set up add-ons to increase your security even further! having more features than a standard email client.


  • Thunderbird doesn’t consume a lot of memory, but some users have noted a few issues with it.
  • Thunderbird’s performance may suffer if the option to scan outgoing mail for viruses is activated.

What’s New?

  • Some folders in the Unified Folders display had the incorrect unified folder parent and selecting
  • Edit message as new” did not restore the selected message’s encrypted topic.

System Requirements:

  • Windows: Windows 7 or later
  • Mac: macOS 10.12 or later
  • Linux: GTK+ 3.14 or higher


Well, Mozilla Thunderbird has made emailing safer, quicker, and easier than ever. Longtime Thunderbird users will like the newest version, while new users will be perplexed as to why they were unaware of such a fantastic email program for so long.

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