Total Commander 11.01 

Total Commander 11.01 is an essential tool for anyone working with big data volumes since it makes managing compressed files and content comparison simple. Its Hungarian-language user interface and comprehensive documentation allow you to quickly get started. Because Total Commander is distributed as shareware, a one-time registration is necessary for its authorized use. Additionally, please get in touch with us for special pricing if you wish to buy licenses for 20 users or more.

Description Total Commander 11.01

Total Commander 11.01 

Replace the traditional Windows file explorer with Total Commander, a new file explorer with significant improvements. Download Full Commander One of the most used tools in the operating system is the Windows file explorer, which enables users to quickly and easily move files between various locations.Total Commander es una herramienta ideal para ella, ya que no solo brinda facilidades para movir, copiar y pegar archivos, sino que también incorpora varias mejoras que pueden ser muy beneficiosas.

The file manager for Windows, Total Commander, is available for Android and provides several features that are similar to those of its desktop counterpart. That is to say, you can easily move, copy, and paste entire directories and subdirectories using the application. In addition to deleting files and folders, you can also create new folders and modify the names of already existing ones. Because you won’t have a Recycle Bin, you must use caution when completing this final step. Working with compressed files—which you can easily open and even create new ones—reveals more options for this Android version.

Excellent performance and a user-friendly layout

Not only is the dual-pane interface a notable feature, but it is also a defining characteristic. The GUI is as user-friendly as it gets and makes moving between files and directories easier. The tool’s ongoing integration of features that cater to real-world user needs has simplified complicated file operations that were previously thought to be difficult. Admittedly, there are a plethora of tools available today that utilize the dual panel interface. However, there’s a good reason for that—you can easily drag and drop files between the two windows, which guarantees a productive workflow.

Key Features:

  • Two side-by-side file windows
  • Support for Unicode and multiple languages
  • An improved search feature
  • File comparison (now with editor) and directory synchronization
  • A Quick View panel that displays both images and videos
  • Archive handling: ZIP, 7ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE + plugins
  • integrated FTP client that supports HTTP proxies and FTPS (encrypted FTP)
  • Multi rename utility
  • Regular expressions, a tabbed interface, and buttons for history and favorites
  • view of thumbnails, custom columns
  • Comparative editor, lister cursor, split trees, improved overwrite dialog, etc.
  • Names almost entirely in Unicode, long names (>259 characters), synchronization of empty directories, a password manager for FTP and
  • plugins, a 64-bit context menu, and a quick file filter (Ctrl+S)
  • connecting a special direct transfer cable to a USB port

What’s New?

  • Unrar dlls were updated to 6.23.0.
  • The critical vulnerability in RAR does not affect the unrar dlls, according to a statement released by RARLAB.

Operating System

  • From Windows 95 to Windows 11 for 32 and 64-bit computers

How to install?

  • Initially, download the USB Installer tool.
  • Total Commander installation, along with all of its plugins and settings files, to a USB stick
  • . This is helpful if you want to work on different machines with Total Commander on the go, like for support work.
  • Total Commander will be added to any PortableApps installations that are already installed on the stick by default.
  • Programs that you link on the button bar to the stick won’t be copied by the tool.


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