Wallapop 1.185.1

With Wallapop 1.185.1 for Windows, you can access one of the top markets for buying and selling second-hand goods right from your computer’s desktop. Internet-enabled the emergence of so-called electronic commerce, and companies like Amazon and eBay have evolved into true monstrosities with a business confined to an online environment. Following that, a slew of comparable platforms and services have emerged, such as Wallapop, one of the apps with the most recent success in this industry.

Description of Wallapop 1.185.1

Wallapop 1.185.1

Wallapop is a free, mobile virtual flea market/classifieds app. Utilize it to acquire and sell fantastic products in your community. Selling and buying locally is quick and simple! Better than a garage sale and available round-the-clock. Wallapop can be downloaded and used anywhere for nothing, but the cities we support the most include New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Austin, St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

 Wallapop APK Latest Free Download

This software is a product buying and selling platform that enables you to almost negotiate anything. You can use it both to buy and sell things and in both cases, you’ll gain a lot of benefits. When making purchases, for instance, you can look for goods that are geographically close to you. This will allow you to make simple purchases in your neighborhood or even on your street. However, you can also look for them elsewhere in the nation and purchase them for delivery to your home.

This app’s option for delivery to your home is intriguing because it enables you to shop safely by making a Wallapop Latest Download deposit that is only released to the seller after you have confirmed that they have received your order. In this way, you can return the money if the goods are defective, allowing you to make purchases over the Internet with a great deal more confidence.

The best app for purchasing and selling second-hand goods

This is a virtual marketplace where any user can list anything they no longer want or need for sale. Simply take a picture of it, provide a brief description with its price, and share it with the other users.

You’ll find many categories here to classify what you sell or to locate what you want to buy. Here you can also find gangs in things the other users don’t want, all with GPS localization so you can easily find what you need close by. Getting in touch with the vendor and working out the terms of your purchase will be the first step. More than 6 million users have signed up for Wallapop, and they come from all around Spain, including Valencia, Zaragoza, Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, and Vigo. And what they may find here, from a car to air conditioning, passing through a smartphone.

 Key Features:

  • Earn money and spend it on wonderful things.
  • There are no delivery fees, waiting periods, deceptive descriptions, or time-consuming returns.
  • Transactions take place locally, in person.
  • You may find what you’re seeking and sell stuff you don’t need in categories including vehicles, electronics, phones, tablets, fashion and accessories, vintage clothing, babies and children, sports equipment and leisure, books, motorcycles, videogames, films, furniture, and more.
  • Be sustainable and environmentally responsible by recycling, upcycling, and preventing the disposal of usable goods while making money.
  • Find new homes for your unwanted stuff!
  • Only a quarter of a mile from your actual location is revealed while your precise address is always kept private.
  • Your private information will never be used for business purposes.

What’s New?

  • Everything you need to buy and sell with complete peace of mind is included in Wallapop’s shipping service.
  • We’ve developed the idea of Wallapop Protection, which includes all safety and protection precautions, to make sure everyone is aware.
  • You’re in excellent hands whenever you see anything about Wallapop Protection.


  • A cutting-edge app in this genre.
  • Offers the top products in your area.
  • You can get in touch with the buyer or seller directly to discuss specifics.
  • You don’t pay a commission when you buy or sell something.


  • You are unable to share the products that you sell on social media.
  • A post-purchase/sale feedback system is lacking.

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