WhatsApp Messenger 2.2336.7.0

At this point in the movie, everyone knows what WhatsApp is. What most people don’t know yet is that the instant messaging and chat app is designed to work on both Android and iPhone smartphones, but you can also download WhatsApp Messenger 2.2336.7.0 for PC to use it from your office using its official application rather than third-party developments.

Description of WhatsApp Messenger 2.2336.7.0

WhatsApp Messenger 2.2336.7.0

The first thing we should mention about WhatsApp is that it is totally free to download and use; you won’t have to spend a dime to get all of the top features of the number-one messaging software for Android. Additionally, you’ll wind up saving a lot of money on SMS and MMS because WhatsApp uses the Internet connection on your phone (4G/3G/2G/EDGE, Wi-Fi, or any other combination). In addition, you’ll save money on these because of the calls and video calls function. WhatsApp Messenger has excellent phone and video call quality, and each time you use it, you can rate it to help the development team make ongoing improvements.

WhatsApp Messenger is quite simple to use. You won’t have to create and remember a username or password, for starters. You can only establish a WhatsApp account using your phone number after downloading it to your Android smartphone. However, WhatsApp’s great capabilities don’t stop there. All of your current contacts will automatically show in your WhatsApp Messenger contacts list thanks to an automated contacts list syncing from your device’s phone book. Easy, huh? In addition, WhatsApp online will allow you to stay in touch with everyone whether you’re still a traditional PC or laptop user.

It is possible to download WhatsApp’s Windows client

As a result, users of the app who demanded the ability to talk from a PC in the same way that other alternatives to WhatsApp like Telegram, LINE, or Facebook Messenger were previously allowed to do so have been vindicated. By downloading WhatsApp Messenger for PC, we can essentially take whatever action we want.

How does WhatsApp work on a computer?

Do you remember WhatsApp Web, the app’s web version? Yes, it is similar. Similar to how the web app version worked from a browser window where you had to read a QR code with your phone while selecting the Web option in the settings, here you run the application and read the QR code with your phone. In actuality, all that is being discussed is a browser that is only intended to be used with chat programs.

You can carry on conversations you started on the phone because all of your contacts and conversations will be available to you in the same way as on the phone. The drawback of this version is that an active data connection and a connected phone are required.

How many users have a WhatsApp account?

Surprisingly, this Windows version has taken so long to release. More than anything else we’re talking about the most widely used chat application in the world according to the company’s statistics: over a billion users reached in February 2016. It is the majority in many countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany.

It’s important to pay attention to this information because the business acquired Facebook for the absurd sum of 21,000,000,000 USD (divided between cash and social network shares) and has its Messenger app, which is also installed on millions of smartphones. This means that Facebook dominates a large portion of mobile communications worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Send messages to your contacts.
  • Manage your groups.
  • Send images and videos that were either taken using a camera or stored on a hard drive.
  • Set up your user option settings.
  • Grab voice messages using the computer’s microphone.
  • Keep conversations on your computer directly.
  • a functional and tasteful interface.
  • Look for text in your conversations.
  • receives notifications in the mailbox.

How to Install WhatsApp Desktop on a Windows Computer:

  • To begin downloading WhatsApp Desktop for Windows, click the Download button.
  • Double-click the installation.exe file to run it after opening it in the Downloads folder.
  • To install WhatsApp Desktop on a Windows computer, adhere to the prompts in the pop-up window.
  • You may now launch and use WhatsApp Desktop on a Windows computer.

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